Founded in January 2006, the Carleton Political Science Society (CPSS) has made its mission to provide a social environment for politically inclined students and faculty. Holding social events, debates, and panel discussions, CPSS aims to involve all political science students in the after hours academic life at Carleton University.

Our mandate is to arrange social and academic activities in order to instill a sense of belonging within the department and the larger university community. Members can benefit through numerous opportunities which will complement both academic and social life at Carleton University.


Events are a great way to get to know people in your program with similar interests to you! CPSS provides ample amounts of opportunity for you to get involved through our various events. Some important events we hope to see you at: Carleton’s Model Parliament, debates, professional development sessions and more!

Model Parliament

Carleton Political Science Society hosts an annual Model Parliament simulation, where over a hundred students spend a weekend running Parliament Hill; by creating their own political parties, writing platforms, drafting bills, and debating their issues in the Senate Chamber of Canada.


Do you want to meet like-minded individuals at Carleton and political professionals? Our networking opportunities give you the chance to build lasting relationships with other students interested in politics, parliamentarians, your professors and potential employers.

Academic Engagement

We strive to create an atmosphere that is not only fun and exciting, but also academically engaging. By working directly with the department of Political Science, and the Faculty of Public Affairs, Carleton Political Science Society fosters a community for our members to thrive academically and reach their full potential in and out of the classroom.