The Carleton Political Science Society hosts numerous events throughout the school year that executes our mandate. Our belief is education extends beyond the classroom. Through our events, students are able to engage with professors, guests, and fellow students in a casual atmosphere.

Back to School BBQ

Every year, the Carleton Political Science Society hosts a Back to School BBQ free of charge to Political Science students. The BBQ is very casual and there are snacks and drinks in addition to hamburgers and hot dogs. The executive team wants to give incoming first-year and returning Political Science students a warm welcome to the new school year by kicking it off with a friendly BBQ.

Pub Night

CPSS hosted our very first pub night in September 2016; it’s a great way to meet other CPSS members and fellow Political Science students and have a chat with the CPSS executive team to learn more about what the Carleton Political Science Society is all about.

CPSS Talks

The Carleton Political Science Society hosted our first-ever CPSS Talks in 2016. CPSS Talks is inspired by TED Talks, with a different spin of our own added to it. This event will feature professors from Carleton University, presenting short, informative speeches on topics of their interests. This could range from ideas on Canadian politics, international affairs, their research and more!

Model Parliament

Every year, students are given an opportunity to participate in a mock Parliament session for a weekend in February. Carleton Model Parliament is held in the Senate Chambers of Canada. Students are able to create and run a mock political party for the weekend, including debates, Question Period, and much more. For more information, visit our Model Parliament page.

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